Mr. Gurbans Chatwal

Mr. Gurbans ChatwalMr. Gurbans Chatwal, Ex Head – KM, Capgemini.
Gurbans has 23 years’ experience in managing complex portfolio of projects, offshore transition, consulting, large transformation programs, and leading global functions. He was responsible for drafting the Knowledge Management program for Kanbay (later Capgemini) which included valuable frameworks for KM Maturity assessment, program institutionalization (5i Model), and Skill alignment & Measurement (Cube model).
KM related Publications & Presentations:

  • Chapter on “Defining, Instituting, and Sustaining a Knowledge Management Program” in the book Hands on Knowledge Co-Creation and Sharing (ISBN: 978-951-6350-0), 2007
  • “Knowledge Management – Building Blocks and Implementation Challenges” Presentation Computer Society of India, Pune Chapter, December 2004.
  • “Organizational Development – The Bridge of Time, Wisdom and Continuity”, Human Capital, Vol. 6, No. 5, October 2002
  • “From Enterprise to Metaprise” Presentation. AIMA, October 2001

Gurbans has a Masters degree in Business Administration from IIT Delhi (2001) and M.Sc. in Computer Science from J K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology (1990).

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